Exploring Antiques

Exploring Antiques

Antiques-2Antiques… why do we love them so much? Why do people collect “old” pieces? Why not buy new items from the store? These questions are often asked by those who don’t understand the thrill of hunting for antiques. Each collector has their own reasons behind seeking out antique pieces.

Antique pieces have their own history. As you’re looking over a piece it can reflect what was going on during the era with the materials used to build it. It could also be a piece that has significance to a special memory from your own past, such as something that Grandma used to have in her house.

You will find a lot of pieces that are not only made by hand but also built to last. These pieces have stood the test of time so far, why not expect them to continue to last. Depending on the piece, if you’re creative, you can find new ways to use items. For those pieces that have had a harder life, lots of people enjoy restoring the piece back to its former beauty or if it’s beyond salvation, being able to repurpose the piece to serve in another way.

Decorating with antiques in your home and office also allows people to express their creativity. Well designed antique furniture can go along with lots of décor themes. Pieces can even serve as a conversation piece to liven up areas of your home.

You can start your next antique search in Chillicothe and Ross County. New shops have recently opened in Chillicothe and we have created a new Antique & Craft Guide to help you find your next treasure. For more information on the brochure, stop into our office at 45 E. Main Street or find a list of antique shops on our website.

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