Rally Around The Buck Fifty

Rally Around The Buck Fifty

The Buck Fifty takes place this weekend in our community, April 12th & 13th. For those of you who does not know about the Buck Fifty, let me give you a little background. Their mission is “We are driven to protect our youth from drugs. We are supporting a program through Drug Free Clubs of America our local high school students call M.A.D.E. (My Attitude Determines Everything). This race will be the main fundraiser for these teenagers who include over 2,000 members, representing 73% of Ross County high school students who offer DFCA. We are a 501c3 organization on a mission to change our community.”

“Inspiring a community through running with the mission to keep kids off drugs.”

The Buck Fifty is held the second weekend each April in our area and is a 150 Mile Relay Race throughout the county. They set up 29 checkpoints during the race with their Start/Finish Line at Ohio University Chillicothe Shoemaker Center.

We as a community need to rally around the runners and encourage them, inspire them and cheer them on along the route that they will be running. Create signage with messages like “You’ve done harder things than this….keep going”, “ Tough runs don’t last, tough runners do” and  “Believe in the Run”. Or you can make them smile along the route with quotes like “Your legs will forgive you….eventually” “ Go random stranger, GO!!”  Anyone with marquees or reader boards can add a message too!!  This is time for our county to rally these runners like these runners are rallied around the cause for our kids!!

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