Make Your Summer Family Road Trip To Chillicothe Amazing

Make Your Summer Family Road Trip To Chillicothe Amazing

We are in the cold days of winter that has us all looking forward to warm temperatures, the blossoming flowers of spring, and towards the fun and excitement of summer. If your family is tired of the typical routine and the short days of winter are wearing you down, start planning your summer fun now! Not only will this help uplift your family’s spirit, but it will give everyone something to look forward to through the rest of winter.

When time comes to depart for your visit to Chillicothe, remember that part of the experience is the journey and reconnecting with your family while in the car. The anticipation of arriving generates the excitement and is part of making memories, even if someone does ask the dreaded road trip question, “are we there yet?”.

Experiencing Ross County

When visiting a destination, it is much like unlocking your inner explorer. A new landscape with new experiences awaiting such as walking where the ancient Hopewell Culture celebrated milestones nearly 2,000 years ago, witnessing the epic life story of a Shawnee leader unfold on stage while you sit beneath the starry sky, hiking in the beautiful Appalachian foothills showcasing magnificent views of southern Ohio, and immersing yourself into experiences as simple as tasting the local cuisine and savoring their flavors.

Hopewell Culture National Historical Park
Hopewell Culture National Historical Park

Regardless of your interest, there are plenty of activities to fill your days and keep the whole family entertained while visiting Chillicothe and Ross County. Create a mix of activities so that everyone in the family will have something to look forward to each day. Start the day by touring historical sites for the family’s history buff, then play a few rounds of miniature golf or disc golf at one of the State Parks for some outdoor recreation or relax on the water and view the scenery from a kayak or paddle boat. You can end the day by watching a stage production or schedule your visit during one of the many festivals.

Navigating to Chillicothe

“The shortest distance between two points is a straight line” quote may be interpreted as arriving at your destination in the quickest way possible. However, you can make your journey even more interesting by avoiding highways and interstates! Map out a route that will take your family on a more scenic path through small villages, farmlands, and discover hidden sites along the way.

If you’re coming from Cincinnati instead of using Interstate 71, map your route using U.S. Route 50. It is a little slower and may add a few minutes onto your travel time, but you will get to see small villages, wildlife areas, and State Parks. You’ll enter into western Ross County near Bainbridge where you can see working Amish and Mennonite communities, a unique stop to discover a famous circus-master, and even the first dental school in the United States.

Coming from the east such as Marietta or Parkersburg, WV then U.S. Route 50 will also serve as your scenic byway. It will take you through Athens, and into the rural areas of Vinton County with beautiful views of nature and the nearby Tar Hollow State Park.

23 things to do on 23

If you are coming from the north such as Columbus or south from Portsmouth, U.S. 23 will be your ideal route. It will take you through villages, providing views of farmland, functioning railroad tracks, and will give you the opportunity to experience the 23 Things to Do on 23, a feature in the Ross County Visitors Guide.

Planning Your Chillicothe Visit

Ross County Visitors Guide

Request your complimentary copy of the official Ross County Visitors Guide today! Click the button below and complete the simple form with your name, email address, and make sure to include your mailing address in the “Your Message” section. You can also request your copy by calling (740) 702-7677.

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