Ross-Chillicothe Fall Bucket List

Ross-Chillicothe Fall Bucket List

Ohio is one of the many places where you can experience all four seasons. Ross County and Chillicothe specifically have lots of vantage points to enjoy the beauty of fall. Autumn is the perfect opportunity to be able to spend some time outdoors before winter comes along. At times it may be difficult to think of things that you can do with the family that will keep their attention and low cost. We hope that our Ross-Chillicothe Ultimate Fall Bucket List will help plan out your weekends.

We’ve created 15 Ways to celebrate the Season with this Fall Bucket List. (Click on the image for a printable version)

fall bucket list1. Visit a Pumpkin Patch – This is always a fun activity for the family. It’s always so much fun to see the different sized pumpkins adding color to the landscape. Best Bet: Visit Hirsch’s Fruit Farm

2. Make a Pumpkin Craft – Create decorations for around the house or on the porch. You can also use this time for  carving the pumpkin you picked up at the pumpkin patch. Best Bet: If you enjoy carving pumpkins check out Hopewell Culture NHP’s “Great Pumpkin Walk.”

3. Have a Bonfire – A bonfire during fall is one of the great opportunities of spending time with family and friends before the winter months keep you indoors. Tip: Check local regulations before holding a bonfire in parks, within city limits, etc.

4. Leaf Hunting – This activity can be done while taking a walk along a trail or even while playing in the park. See how many different varieties of leaves you can find along the way. Best Bet: Visit our National Park or any of the 5 State Parks for the best chance at varieties.

5. Play in the Leaves – If you have trees on your property or neighborhood you will most likely spend some time this fall raking leaves. Why not let the kids have some fun playing in the leaves. Tip: If kids will be jumping or playing in a pile of leaves make sure there are no rocks or other objects that could cause injury.

6. Enjoy Pumpkin Flavored Treats – It’s the season for yummy pumpkin goodies! Best Bet: Crispie Crème and Schlegel’s

7. Family Bike Ride – Fall temperatures offer the perfect opportunity to get some bike riding in before the cold weather arrives. You can incorporate some of the other activities along during your ride. Best Bet: Tri-County Triangle Trail or State Parks.

8. Pick Apples – Fall is the season for apple harvests. Take a trip out to Hirsch’s Fruit Farm for the chance to pick your own apples.

9. Fly a Kite – Fall in Ohio offers prime winds for a break from your busy life to fly a kite. Tip: Make sure to have plenty of open spaces to fly a kite and avoid power lines.

10. Plant Fall Bulbs – Fall is the optimum time to plant bulbs. Spend some time outside preparing your flower beds for next spring.

11. Staycation – Take a weekend staycation and enjoy some down time before the holiday season. This would be a prime time to get away to a cabin or check out one of the hotel specials offers. Best Bet: Check out our website’s Where To Stay section to find your staycation cabin or hotel.

12. Gather Pine Cones – As you’re out walking through the State Parks, keep an eye out for pine cones for this bucket list item. You can use these for decorations throughout the holiday season.

13. Decorate for Fall Holidays – Get the kids involved and plan out decorating for Halloween, Fall Harvest or Thanksgiving. You can use some of the items that you’ve found earlier as decorations or to spruce up some of your older décor.

14. Roast Pumpkin Seeds – There are plenty of recipes for spicing up your pumpkin seeds for roasting. Use your favorite recipe or let the kids experiment with some spices and see how they come out. Safety: Adult supervision needed during the baking process.

15. Family Pictures – Some of the most scenic family portraits are taken with the autumn colors in the background. We have plenty of local photographers in Ross County for a professional photo shoot. Best Bet: Yoctangee Park and State Parks can make for a beautiful background for your family photo. Tip: These photos can also be used as great gifts for the family during the holiday season.

We hope you enjoy our Ross-Chillicothe Ultimate Bucket List and we hope it helps plan family time this fall season. Don’t forget to share some of your photos with us on Facebook. We’d love to see which list items you get checked off!

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