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A Sleepy Hollow Experience

With The Sleepy Hollow Experience being a new attraction in our area, I definitely wanted to watch this classic legend come alive.

Upon entering “Sleepy Hollow” (Sugarloaf Mountain, home of the Outdoor Drama Tecumseh) the experience begins.  The signs welcoming you to Sleepy Hollow made me excited in anticipation for what was next to come.  Skeletons and pumpkins placed along the winding road to the amphitheater leading you to the parking levels, which is opposite than when you see “Tecumseh”.

While I walked around the pavilion area it was a great opportunity to visit with friends and colleagues that wanted to share this same experience.  All of us sharing our ideas of what we think the show is going to be like.

Finally, the time arrives where we are led in groups to our seats by dark cloaked individuals wearing masks.

The stage is set the same as when the production of Tecumseh plays but, yet eerily different. The tree in the middle in front of the pond was lighted blueish white and fog was rolling off the pond area. The atmosphere was spooky.

With a loud crash of thunder and flash of lightening, that made me and everyone else jump in our seats… the story begins. The actors come alive one by one and kept everyone intrigued by what was going to happen next. After setting the storyline up and a few chuckles the cast welcomed all of us onto the stage while they performed in the pond area. It was fun while they (the cast) got all of us in the audience to participate in part of the show with them, while they spoke about the legend of the headless horseman and discussed the bridge that Ichabod Crane needed to cross. Which is where they led all of us. Crossing a dark path of sand, rock and grassy areas, we arrived at our final destination of the evening. The bridge is constructed on both side for the audience to go in a “corral” area the entire length of the bridge so everyone can get a view of the cast and the headless horseman. With lights flashing and fog rolling the time finally arrived …. The headless horseman appeared riding through on his steed. 

Reflecting back on the night, it is an experience like no other. The cast was outstanding, the atmosphere incredible and the experience … well everyone will take away something from “Sleepy Hollow”. Just don’t lose your “HEAD”!!!

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